During an apprenticeship, you learn on the job and get experience and pay. KC offers a wide range of apprenticeship programmes in various fields and works closely with businesses and learners. Highly qualified staff with industrial experience at KC ensure the training needs of learners or businesses are met.


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What does mean Apprenticeship for Learners?

An apprenticeship is a way to study while training for a field in an industry; it aims to train an apprentice with the skills and knowledge required for a specific job. As an apprentice, you can learn the specific skillset of your chosen career while earning and receiving other benefits.

It is a work-based training programme where the learner (apprentice) gains knowledge and skills in the chosen field.

Key benefits of Apprenticeships include:

  • Earning a salary while learning.
  • Getting a holiday allowance while learning
  • Receiving training for a specific job
  • Gaining qualifications in your chosen field.
  • Learning job-specific skills in the industry you chose


Not going to a university should not stop anyone from getting a good job or a better career, but the question arises: how would you get a job without any knowledge or skills required for the job? This is where apprenticeships come in and help you out.

Following are the apprenticeships offered at Kingdom College.

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What does mean Apprenticeship for Employers?

An apprenticeship is a programme in which an individual learner can gain a specific skillset and knowledge of a field; these skills are perfectly in line with the sector’s standards. This helps a learner fully understand the organisation’s environment and processes, which in turn helps the organisation’s efficiency. Apprenticeships are not what they used to be; now, with the help of an apprenticeship, you can help a new member of your workforce or an existing member gain new skills that are required by your organisation.

Considering the fact that apprenticeships used to be only for young people to get into an industry or learn new skillsets, they are now a way for an employer to increase the efficiency of their existing employees by giving them more useful skills. These skills, knowledge, and behavioural parts of the job can easily be gained through apprenticeships.

Although this great opportunity is usually missed by most employers, large organisations tend to assess the internal needs of their organisation and offer apprenticeships to their existing workforce or to young people to welcome them into their company.

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