The third level of study in the UK after you finish school is higher education. These studies include undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and these types of studies take place in universities and further education colleges. It gives you a chance to focus on one field of study, which would give you an immense boost in your career and without a doubt increase your earning potential.

The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications includes all the descriptions of the main higher education qualifications. It relates to all the studies from Level 4 to 8. Following are the main qualifications:

  •  Post-Graduate studies. 
  •  Bachelor’s Degrees.
  • Higher National Certificates (HNC)
  • Higher National Diplomas (HND)
  •  Foundation Degrees.
  • Any sort of certificate or diploma awarded by universities or higher education colleges

How to choose a career?

Some of the careers require you to get at least one degree, for example, medicine, dentistry, architecture, or engineering. Although some degrees, like law or speech therapy, require you to have a postgraduate qualification before you start practising in the field,

We know choosing a career is hard, especially when you have no experience in the field. You may pick a field that you think will not only broaden your knowledge but also give you skills and qualities that are highly valued by employers.


Work experience:

We at KC are proud to announce our end-to-end service. Our guidance will be available to you at any point in your studies, from your first day of school to your graduation. Even if you are looking to apply for studies outside of your country. We offer a comprehensive system that comprises many experts who will aid you in various areas such as career guidance, accommodation advice, etc.

Our Services:

You may not be required to show academic qualifications to get admission into higher education. Most universities in the UK accept your work experience as an alternative to an academic qualification. Higher education will definitely increase earning potential and give more opportunities, which will lead to a more rewarding career.

Why us?

With the help of our academic network of student ambassadors and expert advisors, we offer unique services. We know every student faces many problems, and every situation differs from the other. We will offer one expert consultant during your time with us to aid you in your difficult times. Our consultants hold over 33 years of experience in the educational sector, and we would like you to use that expertise to give yourself a massive boost in life and progress in your career.