Leadership and management apprenticeships are designed to equip leaders at any level to manage the organisation effectively and succeed irrespective of the business sector and size. Leadership and management apprenticeships develop skills and knowledge that are absolutely integral to any business. Upon completion of these apprenticeship programmes the apprentices may choose to register as members with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to support your professional career development and progression.

One of the excellent ways to build new skills in your existing managers or to develop skills in new managers is through a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship. These apprenticeships help them in learning new skills and how to implement those skills in the workplace. Apprenticeships offer both on-the-job practical experience and off-the-job training, allowing the learners to learn the implications of everything they study.

Kingdom College offers the following Leadership & Management apprenticeship programmes and these programmes are suitable for the existing and new staff based on the training needs.